Why you should select a reputable car body shop

Why you should select a reputable car body shop

If you have a car in need of repair or restoration, you probably have the fear that whatever work you have done isn’t going to look right. For ourselves, the aim of any repair is to deliver work to such a quality that it appears as though a repair was never made at all. In other words, the aim is to achieve a factory finish.

The same can’t be said for other car body shops, and there are other reasons why you should avoid the most ‘cheap and cheerful’ too. For example, poor communication, missed deadlines, and increasing the price of a repair after an agreed quote. Here’s five reasons to select a reputable car body shop for your next project:

  1. Quality of product

If you want the best repair or restoration you have to approach reputable outfits. Bad restoration and repair work sticks out like a sore thumb and can leave a car looking even worse than when it went in. We’ve seen mismatched paint, overspray, uneven dent repair, poorly filled body work and even extra scratches on bad jobs we’ve put right. Always choose a well-reviewed body shop that publishes its work. You can check our work and judge the quality of it for yourself here.

  1. Quality of service

You will find that because the vehicle repair industry is very much results based (on appearance) the quality of service can differ wildly between shops. The best and most reputable shops provide a consistent level of customer service. They are attentive, helpful and know their stuff, and they are not afraid to share it. If you do get bad customer service from a body shop, that’s a pretty good sign the work won’t be good either. We recommend you walk away if you get a sour taste in your mouth.

  1. Guarantees on work

How can you be sure the work you have carried out will last? You can’t be sure, that is unless you get a written guarantee on the work. Reputable car body shops provide a guarantee in print or writing or electronically via email with your invoice. The guarantee should not be a verbal one or a ‘gentleman’s agreement’. It should be a physical guarantee you can refer to it should anything go wrong. We provide a 5-year guarantee on ALL repair work so you can have confidence in the job.

  1. Save yourself money

Cheap car body repairs are a false economy. Motorists often find the old adage “you buy cheap you buy twice” comes true when they skimp on car body repairs. It’s always better to get the job done right first time. You’ll save money this way. We will also beat any genuine quote from other reputable car body shops. We are confident our services are competitively priced, but we won’t be beaten by the competition either. If you have a quote from another body shop near Pudsey, we’ll do our best to beat it.

  1. Extras and industry quirks

Lastly, there’s the little extras or perks that come with a reputable shop. A comfortable waiting area, staffed telephones, courtesy cars … little things like these make all the difference with car repairs. Not all body shops can offer courtesy cars, but at the very least they should have facilities to make you comfortable. It goes without saying on a freezing day they should be offering you a warm drink too. If you’re a new customer and you turn up out of the blue, you should also be seen without a huff.

Want the best? Go for Spray Bay

At Spray Bay in Pudsey, we believe in providing you with a fantastic customer service and total transparency. Call us today on 0113 440 1327 to enquire about our services or pop in to see us for a quote on any work.

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