Top tips for car body repair

Top tips for car body repair

With any car body repair, whether it’s a bumper respray or door panel dent removal, the aim is to get the car back to pre-event condition. That is, up to a condition so that it appears no damage was there in the first place.

Our first tip for car body repair, then, comes in the form of guaranteeing a high-quality repair. To do this, you need to source the help of a reputable body shop.

Choosing a body shop


If your car body needs repair work, taking your car to a body shop might seem like a daunting process, and especially if you have no experience with it. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever now to carry out research into companies before you work with them. The best place to do that research is with Google. Search for ‘body shop + reviews’ and see what has been said about the body shops you are interested in.


The body shop should also offer a guarantee. For example, we provide a material and workmanship guarantee on all repairs. We offer up to a 5-year guarantee on repair work, which is more than any other body shop local to Pudsey.

Materials and colour matching

It is also important to factor in materials and colour matching for paintwork. Simply, the body shop should be using the highest quality paints and materials for all repairs. We always use industry-leading brands, for instance, to guarantee quality.

Colour matching should be done via paint code. This can be found in your log book, and in the boot as a sticker on some new cars. We can perfectly match any paint colour to your car. Be wary of any body shops that can’t guarantee a perfect colour match.

Quotes and car body repair pricing

The quote you receive for work should be the price you pay. No ifs, no buts. And, should there be a chance that the work will cost more than your quote, the additional cost should be agreed beforehand so you are not hit with an unexpected bill.

Always make sure that the price you receive is inclusive of VAT too, since this adds 20% to the price. Many people forget to ask about this during the quote process.

If you would like to discuss a car body repair please call us on 0113 440 1327 or click here to send us an email.

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