Is your car body repair centre using reputable products?

One of the commonest issues motorists face with car body repair is they are rarely told which products are being used to make the repair.

You might not think this important, but it is because the quality of materials plays as big a role in the final result as how they are applied.

What we are trying to say is using low quality materials even when applied professionally won’t yield a satisfactory repair.


There is a reason your car manufacturer invests considerable time and money into the research and development of primers and paints: because they have to be of an exceptional standard for them to offer a lengthy guarantee on it.

It is for the exact same reason we invested considerable time and money into developing our own paint products. We do not buy in pre-mixed paints because even though certain brands claim to be brilliant, we have never found one that delivers a finish equivalent to the beautiful factory finish you see in a showroom.

All our paint is mixed in-house by matching to the colour code and then to the car. We take into account ageing and the condition of the paint on the rest of your car before we mix the paint for any repair. Otherwise you could end up with a mismatch.


When fitting aesthetic modifications like side skirts or repairing plastic and metal, we use adhesives where possible and in place of welding in the case of metal. We use 3M adhesives and U-POL adhesives, among other reputable brands.

These include two-part epoxy resins which provide a solid fuse to plastic and metal, and adhesive strips which are used to fit plastic parts like side skirts and spoilers flush to the car body. It’s important to use high quality products here because you cannot trust low quality adhesive to create a strong and permanent bond.


Whether it is plastic filler, flexible filler, metal filler or fibreglass filler, the importance of good products cannot be overstated. Bad filler won’t bond to where it is applied, and it may not be as durable as the material it replaced.

We use ProWorx car body repair filler and fillers from the likes of Mipa, Indasa and Würth, and other brands we are happy to disclose when we quote you. We have used such a wide range of fillers we know what works and what doesn’t for every repair and application. We have now settled on just a handful of quality brands.


Whether it’s a spray paint gun, paint mixer, plastic spreader, touch up pen or rotary polishing tool and the pads that come with them, the applicators a car body repair shop uses are as important as the materials they use.

We have invested in electronic spray paint guns with a bespoke nozzle setup which evenly distributes paint with the efficiency of a robot arm at the factory. We have our own paint mixing machine and an enormous supply of polishing pads. We throw away any pads, towels and other consumables after each job.

Is your car body repair centre using reputable products?

We always use reputable products for car body repairs but the same cannot be said for every outfit. We advise against letting anyone known to use generic or unbranded products work on your car. We mix our own paint to a factory-grade quality whereas most body shops buy in their paint. This isn’t a problem if they are buying in quality products, but it is if they are cheap imports. These you should avoid.

If in doubt, ask the car body repair centre you are in touch with. If you’re in Leeds, we’d be happy to quote you on any car body repair. Contact us today on 0113 440 1327 to discuss your needs or pop down to see us. We’re in Pudsey – LS28 6BS.

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