Inspiration for you next classic car restoration project

Inspiration for you next classic car restoration project

Once you get bitten by the restoration bug it’s hard to stop. Classic cars have a charm modern machines simply can’t match and having talked with many classic car owners, it’s as much about the project as it is the drive.

To say car restoration is an addiction would be accurate. As silly as it sounds, the scents of oils, leathers, metals and woods are something restorers crave. Even the clatter of metalwork becomes a vice. And for the right money, no project is off limits. Bodywork shells are as game as good runners in car restoration.

Sadly, many of us can only dream of restoring cars, but you don’t need to be a millionaire to get started. Sure, getting pulled into the world of classic car restoration can be a very expensive endeavour, but an immensely rewarding one too. Give yourself a budget and stick to it to ensure your project doesn’t burn out early.

If you have a classic car restoration project in mind, we’ve put together a collection of outstanding projects for your inspiration. These are a mixture of vehicles from the past six decades, so there’s bound to be something you like:

Classic 1998 Mini restoration

Completed three years ago, this classic Mini restoration is a beauty. The Mini started life out as a rusted shell and needed a complete restoration. The interior, bodywork, electrics and mechanicals all needed doing. The restorer did an incredible job. He restored the mini back to original specification, complete with gorgeous red paintwork.

Classic 1983 VW Golf GTI MK2 restoration

The Golf GTI is an icon and this restoration is wonderful. The car starts life out as a runner, but a very beat up one with no headlights, front bumper or proper trim. The restoration team behind this project had their work cut out starting from scratch. They stripped everything and upgraded everything. The result? The best MK2 GTI restoration we’ve seen.

Classic 1974 Jaguar E-Type XKE V12 restoration

Everyone loves an E-Type, and restorations don’t come better than this. After 40 years of life, this V12 was brought back to showroom condition. It was restored by a dedicated team who actually improved the vehicle beyond its original specifications. Everything was rebuilt, including the engine and transmission. A true work of art.

Classic 1970 Datsun 510 restoration

This classic Datsun 510 was restored in the states from the brink of scrap. The bodywork was in a right state as was the undercarriage. This project took months to complete despite being set in a dedicated workshop. The team cleaned up the car beautifully – especially the interior – and it’s now back on the road. Lovely stuff.

Classic 1971 Ford Cortina restoration

Remember the Ford Cortina? Classic Cars Restoration UK did a great job restoring this example, which came with its engine and running gear but was not in road-worthy condition. The body was also a mess. Everything was rebuilt, and the body was given a full makeover. It’s now in a better state than ever before.

Classic 1993 Porsche 968 CS restoration

In 2015 Porsche GB challenged UK Porsche centres to restore a classic Porsche model back to its former glory. The winning car from that competition was a 1993 Porsche 968 CS, in red, which arrived in an awful condition. Porsche restored it to its full potential, in honour of the previous owner who died a few months before.

Classic 1968 BMW 2002 Tii restoration

This is probably our favourite restoration project of them all. The BMW 2002 is one of the rarest cars on the planet and especially in Tii spec. The restoration team behind this project put thousands of hours into the old girl, gutting the whole car and rebuilding everything. It’s a work of art the finished product. A restoration of dreams.

Classic 1965 Lotus Cortina restoration

This is one of the most inspiring restorations we’ve seen. The before and after photos show an immense amount of work, with this car being fire damaged at the front. Everything was stripped, rebuilt and reworked. It was updated to modern specifications, improving the drive and in turn the reliability. A very professional job all round.

So, there we have it. Some of our favourite restorations. If you have a classic car restoration project, have the paintwork professionally done for a perfect finish. We can assist with all your paintwork needs in Leeds. Contact us to find out more.



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