Caravans pick up dents. This is part and parcel of caravan ownership, but it needn’t sour the love you have for it.

Spray Bay offers a thorough caravan dent repair service. From our workshop in Pudsey, Leeds, we can repair the aluminium sheeting and fibreglass sheeting on your caravan and bring it back to a perfect pre-dent condition.

Our dent repairs are so good it will be almost impossible to tell there was ever a dent there in the first place. The techniques we use include paintless dent repair (which pushes dents out from the inside), and dent repair where we pull dents from the outside. We use special equipment to do this safely and effectively.

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Caravan dent repair techniques including traditional panal beating

We are also skilled panel beaters with techniques taught by our grandfathers. Where possible, we like to use these techniques to reshape metal. This enables us to repair large dents and disfiguration in a cosmetic way.

Push technique

Paintless dent removal involves pushing dents out from the inside, most often by tapping them out. This can achieve a flawless repair.

Pull technique

The dent pulling technique involves using a special dent pulling kit which attaches to the metal. It pulls dents and reforms the surface.

Panel beating

Larger dents and disfiguration can often be repaired with panel beating. This skilled method can bring metal back to its original shape.

We’ll make your caravan new again with our caravan dent repair service

In addition to dent repair and cosmetic repairs, we also offer first-rate spray-painting services, cosmetic modifications, and can detail your caravan back to a showroom condition.

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