Scraped your front bumper? Perhaps someone has driven into you without leaving their insurance details? We can repair most car bumper damage to an as new condition. Minor cracks, splits and dents are no problem for us.

Car bumper repair is one of our specialisms. Customers are always asking us to repair damage to the front or back of their car after a collision or accident. This is absolutely fine and you might be pleasantly surprised by our quote.

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Car Bumper Repair services provided

We can repair many types of car bumper including those made from ABS, other common plastics and fibreglass. These materials can absorb minor impacts without cracking or splitting, except in the case of the bumper being crushed, for example if you were to drive into a kerb which compared to a bumper is an immovable object.

Please bear in mind however that while we can repair minor damage and most cracks and bumper splits, we can’t repair everything. Sometimes it is a case that the damage is too extensive to repair to a factory standard. In which case we would recommend you have your bumper or wing replaced which we can then paint for you.

What we do

We use a variety of techniques to repair bumpers made from ABS, common plastics and fibreglass. Fillers and composites are used where applicable. Damaged areas are sanded to create a smooth, even surface. The result after repainting is a bumper that looks as good as new and a finish that would pass for a factory fit.

All quotes are based on assessment so we would need to see your car in person before quoting you. Visit us and we will look at the damage and recommend what needs to be done. We will send you a quote by email but provide a rough quote verbally so you know how much to expect. Call us on 0113 440 1327 to book an appointment or pop down to see us. We’re in Pudsey, here’s the address:

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We can offer:

  • Smart repairs
  • Restoration
  • Aesthetic work
  • Wheel replacement
  • Windscreen replacement 
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